Welcome to R&M Tone Technology, manufacturer of the PowerWire guitar cable which provides a clean, amplified boost (with optional TS09-distortion and other effects) at the source of the signal - the pickups. By driving the cable with a pre-amp, noise is reduced and signal quality is improved, which has the effect of adding active pickups to any guitar that you use with the PowerWire!!

January 2014 - R&M Releases the Super Sizzle PowerWire which complements our TS09 cable and has our unique pedal effect in an amplified cable. We also have 1-Watt power-amp boards powered from a 9V battery available. December 13, 2011 - R&M Tone Technology is awarded US patent 8,075,342 titled "Amplifying Connector".....September 2009 Guitar World Review of the 6dB PowerWire Clean Boost: "R&M Tone Technologies PowerWire is the first cable to feature a built-in amplifier. Powered by tiny watch-style batteries, the amp doesn't change the cable's warm and relatively balanced tone, but it does boost the signal at fixed levels up to 6 dB...". See also a review of our TS09 distortion cable (change distortion level by changing volume control on your guitar) at Analog War Cry


Ships with type 675 batteries pre-installed. 30-day money-back guarantee. International shipping requires additional charges